Empowering those affected by violence.

Domestic Violence

PAVE's Case Management Team assists victims of domestic violence with a strengths based approach to identify and achieve goals related to living in and moving beyond abuse, including self esteem building, resource identification, securing housing and other items necessary to independent living, seeking employment and learning about finance management and the dynamics of power and control.  Our Case Management Team also offers options counseling, assists with safety planning and holds support groups.   

Important Phone Numbers

Dodge County Adult Protective Services
Dodge County Aging and Disability Resource Center
Dodge County Child Welfare
The Network La Red (LGBTQ partner violence support)    
End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin (formerly Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence)                  


Other Information

  • Red Flags of an Abuser (keep in mind that domestic violence is not a one-time event, but on-going use of tactics to maintain power and control):
    • Refusal to accept responsibility for actions
    • Self pity - Frequent sulking, brooding, whining, moodiness
    • Puts conditions on their love or affection
    • Jealous of other relationships
    • Owns and frequently displays weapons
    • Sense of entitlement - "my way or the highway"
    • Has a difficult time maintaining a job
    • Has had multiple relationships and is quick to commit to a serious relationshiop
    • Maintains control of money, family affairs, your access to resources
    • Projects a "know it all" image, invalidates other's opinions, knowledge and feelings
    • Abused as a child / came from a violent home
    • Overly critical of others, including parents and the opposite gender / limited or poor social relationships
    • Displays violence against others, angers easily
    • Abuses alcohol or other drugs
    • Humiliates you in front of others
    • Always wants to know your whereabouts
    • Demonstrates ownership of you
    • No regard for thelaw
    • Has a record of domestic abuse or other violent offenses
    • Enjoys violent media, including pornography
    • Thinks s/he is above the law
    • Blames all failed relationships on others
    • Frequently criticizes you - appearance, weight, parenting, opinions