Empowering those affected by violence.


In early 1978, a group of citizens got together with the goal of educating the community and researching the need for service to victims of domestic abuse.   This group became known as the Dodge-Jefferson Coalition Against Domestic Abuse in May 1978.  The Coalition struggled to provide services over a two county area, in part due to the lack of funding for services conjoined with the gas crisis of 1979.  Therefore, the group decided to dissolve and the Dodge County members created PAVE.

In February 1982, a small office opened and during the first six months, over 200 crisis calls were received, making it apparent that there was a great need for the services PAVE could provide

The first two years, PAVE operated on a very small scale with four volunteers.  Over the next several years, PAVE moved from a volunteer program to a staffed agency, working out of a small office in the local hospital.

As the needs of victims of violence increased, it became apparent PAVE needed a shelter.  Through the efforts of a tenacious director and the local faith community, the PAVE shelter opened its doors in February 1990. 

Since 1990, PAVE has added services as funding has allowed, including a sexual assault program.  Currently, the PAVE office and shelter operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with six full time employees,  several part time staff and the assistance of volunteers.

Since the agency began keeping records in 1992, PAVE has served over ten thousand individuals of all ages, genders, races and socioeconomic status affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. 

The level of service we provide is directly related to the generosity of our community.  Programs ebb and flow as funding changes annually.  Please consider donating today so we can continue to empower those affected by violence in the multitude of ways needed.

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