Empowering those affected by violence.

Meet the Board

Pictured Above: Ken Ostermann, Ruth Metz, Heather Johnson, Tami Joe DeLisle, Rodney Miller, Josh Koepsell
Not Pictured: Chris Behymer, Lisa Hedberg

Pictured Above: Ken Ostermann, Ruth Metz, Teresa Nienow, Tami Joe DeLisle, Heather Johnson, Josh Koepsell
Not Pictured: Chris Behymer, Lisa Hedberg

Ken Ostermann M.D. (President)

Ruth Metz (Vice President)
Beaver Dam has been a great place to raise our family (3 sons) and grow our business (ANIMART). As a wife, mother (now grandmother!) and business owner, I recognize the value a safe, supportive community brings to raising a family and growing a business. The services, shelter and educational programs PAVE offers provides an important safety net for our community and helps break the cycle of domestic abuse. This is a well deserving local community organization that needs our support.

Tami DeLisle (Secretary) 
Since I arrived in Dodge County in 1994 from Western WI, I have been an active part of the community. I continue to volunteer in our local parish communities, 4H clubs, beekeeping clubs, and Wisconsin Right to Life organizations as well as the Beaver Dam Area Arts Association. As an Art Therapist, I lead a variety of programs for various community organizations, Green Valley, Clearview, homeschooling groups as well as toddler and adult art classes. My work with the BDAAA led me to work alongside PAVE to provide expressive opportunities to work through the trauma of abuse. As a member of the board I’m honored to help guide PAVE to provide the best support possible.

Chris Behymer (Treasurer) 

Lisa Hedberg

Heather Johnson 

Josh Koepsell 
I was raised in Mayville, WI and received degrees from University of Wisconsin-Madison (B.S.) and Worsham College of Mortuary Science.  I live in Beaver Dam with my wife and two young sons.  Continuing a more than 100-year-old family tradition, I am a funeral director at Koepsell Funeral Home.  I have been privileged to be able to help neighbors and friends in their time of need, and want to continue that tradition into the wider Dodge County community.  Everybody deserves a safe and healthy community.  I am honored to help PAVE in providing shelter and services, and empower those in need. 

Rodney Miller
I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and I have had the good fortune to live in Iowa, North Dakota and now Wisconsin for the past six years. I am a Certified Public Accountant and I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration. I have worked in public accounting, manufacturing arena for pharmaceuticals and a pasta manufacturing cooperative, public education for a vocational technical school, public school and now Wayland Academy a private college preparatory school for both residential and non-residential students in Beaver Dam. One of my life purposes is to serve others because I receive more than I give to others, this is why I have volunteered in each community that I have lived. I've served on a similar organization in Pennsylvania and enjoyed it. I am honored to serve on the PAVE Board of Directors not only to serve others as PAVE works to empower those affected by violence but also to be personally satisfied that I am part of the solution versus part of the problem.