PAVE Services

Crisis Services

PAVE crisis services are available to anyone who is a victim or survivor of domestic violence and/or sexual assault regardless of age, race, ethnicity, disability, gender expression, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status or socioeconomic status.  Crisis services are available to both those that stay in shelter and those that continue to live in the community.   

  • Crisis Line:  Advocates are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year offering supportive listening, options counseling, information and referrals.
  • Shelter:  A 22 bed, handicap accessible, security monitored shelter staffed by advocates is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Basic food and toiletries are provided in this home-like atmosphere which includes a full kitchen, bedrooms, two full and one half bathrooms, on-site laundry, a playroom and a meditation room. 
  • Emergency Transportation:  PAVE utilizes the local taxi service to provide transportation to shelter.  Taxi vouchers may also be used for transportation needs while in shelter, depending upon availability.  
  • LGBTQ Services:  Our services include, but are not limited to, safety planning, options counseling, education on the dynamics of power and control in LGBTQ relationships, support for emotional abuse and bullying, legal advocacy, case management, shelter services, and emergency transportation.  
  • Case Management:  Our Case Management Team assists victims of domestic violence with a strengths based approach to identify and achieve goals related to living in and moving beyond abuse; including self esteem building, resource identification, securing housing and other items necessary to independent living, seeking employment and learning about finance management and the dynamics of power and control.   The Case Management Team also offers options counseling, assists with safety planning and holds support groups.
  • Legal Advocacy:  Our Legal Advocacy Team provides legal information, options counseling and safety planning to victims.  While the program focuses on assistance with restraining orders and crime victim compensation, we also provide assistance with pro se paperwork in family law, housing law and support for victims at criminal hearings related to their abuse.  The Legal Advocacy Team does not provide legal advice, but can help victims identify attorneys that have knowledge and experience working with victims of violence.
  •  Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy:  Our Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy Team provides services to victims of sexual assault including options counseling, support at SANEs (sexual assault nurse exams), active listening, self-esteem building, support at criminal trials and support groups.  We believe victims and focus on helping them move beyond the abuse or assault.
  • Children's Advocacy: Our Children's Advocacy Team provides safety planning, options counseling and support groups to both direct victims of child abuse and to children affected by witnessing violence within their home.  Non-offending parents also can receive information and support on parenting during and after violence.

Community Collaboration

PAVE collaborates with other community organizations to create a victim centered response to domestic violence and sexual assault.  Through these teams, we have created best practices guides, engaged in case reviews, begun work on community education projects and most importantly, build stronger relationships between service providers.   
  • Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART):  We are currently meeting monthly and focusing on a best practices guide and standard reporting forms.  If you are interested in joining the DART, please contact our Legal Advocacy Team at 920-887-3810 or
  • Sexual Assault Response Team (SART):  We are currently meeting quarterly and focusing on community education.  If you are interested in joining the SART, please contact our Sexual Assault Response Team at 920-887-3810 or 

Prevention Education

PAVE provides training and educational programs on domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, PAVE services and related issues to any agency, business, institution, group or individual in Dodge County, WI.  Programs can be geared appropriately for age or time constraints.  The following programs are available.  Please call our business line at 920-887-3810 to schedule a program that fits your needs. 
  • PAVE Services:  This is a short presentation that provides basic information on the services PAVE offers, how to connect victims with those services and how you can help.  
  • Domestic Violence 101:  This training will provide you with information on the basics about domestic violence, including an introduction to the cycle of abuse, the power and control wheel, red flags to abuse and how you can help someone who is being victimized.
  • Sexual Assault 101:  This training will provide you with information on what constitutes sexual assault, warning signs and how to help someone who has been abused.
  • Child Abuse 101:  This training will provide you with information on what constitutes child abuse, who are mandatory reporters, the potential outcomes of reporting to an agency and how to help a victim of child abuse.
  • Hands for Peace:  Geared for grade K-5,  this school program utilizes an art project to demonstrate how hands are used for helping, not for hurting.
  • Healthy Relationships:  Geared for grade 6-8, this school program focuses on what makes a safe and healthy relationship and points out warning signs of an unhealthy relationship utilizing activities and class participation.
  • Dating Smart:  Geared for grades 9-12, this school program focuses on how to make smart choices while dating, including red flags to abuse, laws related to consent and sexual assault and how to help someone that may be victimized.
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome Training:  Utilizing a lifelike simulator doll, this training demonstrates just how easy it can be to harm a child by shaking.  Signs and symptoms of a shaken baby as well as prevention strategies are discussed.
  • Sexual Harassment Training:   This training will provide you with the laws related to sexual harassment and information on how to support a victim that has been harassed.